Art. RICCIONE 04 Showcase supplied complete of four coin trays type VAG Special feature is the possibility to be leaned with different angles in order to maximize the visibility of the coins. Completely manufactured in hard wood.
The cover is equiped with a glass. The most safety way to present coin during shows and exhibitions. This product can be also rented.
External size
mm 710 x 485 h 80

(#) Il Price include 4 Trays
Available Trays
VAG301  N. 1 pocket 312 x 199 VAG306  N. 6 pockets  mm. 98
VAG315  N.15 pockets mm. 59
VAG324  N.24 pockets mm. 47
VAG340  N.40 pockets mm. 35
VAG354  N.54 pockets mm. 30
VAG377  N.77 pockets mm. 25
(#) Price
€ 581.00