VISUALIZZA UN ALTRA IMMAGINE DEL PRODOTTO ALG04 - Wood coin case treated and polished manually to full relief the wood color and the wood grains. Internal cover in red cotton velvet The case include 4 trays at your choice, see list below. The case is front opening bowed to easily extract all trays.
External size:
mm 350 x 240 h 85

(*) Four Trays included in the Price
Available trays:
VAG301  N. 1 pocket 312 x 199 VAG306  N. 6 pockets  mm. 98
VAG315  N.15 pockets mm. 59
VAG324  N.24 pockets mm. 47
VAG340  N.40 pockets mm. 35
VAG354  N.54 pockets mm. 30
VAG377  N.77 pockets mm. 25
(*) Price
€ 369.00